Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Divided In Death

Well, I attempted to read this for the mystery portion of my reading challenges. However attempt is as far as it got. I wanted to read this, I really did. Futuristic technology colliding full-on with crime solving, sounded right up my alley. However I ran into a hitch, that frustrated me on a personal level. I'm not one to throw a book out at the first sign of a curse word, but I've already run into 1 "female dog", 1 "fatherless child", 1 SOB, 2 references to male genitalia...all within the first 1.5 pages. Okay we get it...the character is P.O.'d, but really? My mental bleep button was exhausted in 35 seconds, and ready to turn to a different, cleaner book.

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