Monday, April 12, 2010

About Me :)

Welcome to My World.:)
For anyone who doesn't know me from my other blog I'm SpitFire. I'm married to Gunlover, who's currently doing a tour overseas. We have 2 daughters: Jewel who is 5 years old, and Bunny who was born on Easter of this year.

Anyone who does know me, knows that I pretty much have an opinion about everything! I decided to give my opinions a voice...well at least I can pretend they have a voice. Who knows, I may just find someone who agrees with me. :)

Here are the rules of my blog. It's my blog...end of story. If you disagree with one of my opinions, feel free to say so, but don't expect it to shake my world. And if you're rude, condescending or obscene, expect that your comment will be deleted, and promptly forgotten. Since it is my blog, if I review something after a partial examination (for example a book I found too obscene to complete), that's my right. If you think that's not fair...find a new blog. Or write your own review. :P

The exception to my own rule will of course be any product I'm give to review. If a company has requested that I review something, I will utilize it to it's fullest effect, so that they may receive a proper review. However, should this be an item I chose myself, then I will review it as I please. :)

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