Monday, June 28, 2010

Another quick update

Okay everyone, I'm so sorry about this!! I had some family stuff come up, so I'm not going to get much done on the review blog this week. I will take my down time to knock out some reading, and get reviews set up and ready to go next week. I'm making sure that the majority of my content isn't memes, but actual reviews of products, places & services. If you have something you'd like to see reviewed, please comment or email me. I'm always looking for new things. I will have a set-up of what's reviewed each day of the week, just to make it easier to organize, and so you know what to to expect. Here's what's coming up. :)

Mondays: I'm participating in the It's Monday Meme and I'll be doing beauty product reviews under a "Make Me Beautiful Monday" feature.
Tuesday: Nail polish/nail product reviews under a "Tip Toe Tuesday" feature.
Wednesday: "Workin' Hard Wednesday" will be products that hopefully enable you to work smarter not harder...appliances, cleaning sprays, etc.
Thursday: "Wordy Thursday" will be books reviews.
"Foodie Friday" Groceries, restaurants, etc. If it deals with food, check it out here. (Did you know that the term foodie, contrary to popular opinion, doesn't necessarily refer to a "food snob" but rather someone who enjoys eating or cooking? The proper term for someone with more refined eating habits would be a gourmet or an epicure.)
Saturday: Saturday will be shopping adventures...who did I shop with recently? How was the experience? What was their customer service like? If it was an online experience, how quickly did they ship?
"Sunday Cinema": Movies! :) And who doesn't like movies???

Want the details? Let's see...I have Avon products, a really cool shade of nail polish, reviews of several Young Adult Books (and hopefully a Christian thriller), a shopping experience with Victoria's Secret. So stay tuned, there's some goodies coming your way. :)

In your court now..what would you like to see reviewed??

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