My Review Policy

I hope I have thought out all the necessary details for this policy. If you have any questions about anything I have not covered, or you require clarification on any portion of it, please contact me at    I don't bite. :)

I am willing to review nearly anything, from restaurants, to books, to technology, etc. etc. etc.

I won't review adult products of any sort, nor will I review anything with excessive language, gore, or adult content.

All of my reviews will be promptly posted on my blog, and potentially on other websites such as Amazon. I'm willing to participate in blog tours, host giveaways, and have guests post. Concerning giveaways, the only request I have is, should you want me to do a giveaway, please provide a second copy.

I won't sell your ARC, however I do reserve the right to use it for a future giveaway. I love e-books, and will certainly accept those.

I like to include pictures of what I review. If this is a problem, please be sure and let me know.

Some of my posts may be sponsored, however this will never affect my opinion. However it might feed my book addiction, which of course feeds my blog. And it is a hungry blog, lol.

And lastly, my reviews will always be honest. I will give my opinion, good or bad, regardless of company, product, or compensation.

Thanks!- SpitFire

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